“ECAMPUZ – European World Talent Camp for Uzbekistan Scientists in Food Science and Technology” International project of ERASMUS + Capacity Building of Higher Education program, co-funded by the European Union.

📣CAMP 2 of Project ECAMPUZ at the University of Extremadura, Spain!

📝Subjects to be covered: Food Safety and Food Microbiology

✅CAMP 2 Period: 1-16 June, 2024
🕐 Duration: two weeks

🔔Hosting organization: University of Extremadura
☑️Venue of CAMP: Cáceres, Spain🇪🇸

Our participants had an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of slaughterhouse🥩 and cheese factory🧀on 12th June 2024 near Caceres, Spain.

The experience of having been introduced to the slaughterhouse (mainly for lamb and sheep) in Spain gave a chance to compare slaughtering, storing and packing methods applied in Spain and Uzbekistan.

Our participants had a chance to see how sheep and goat milk are processed at the factory “Los Casareños” in Casar de Caceres, and tasted one of the prominent cheeses made from sheep milk – Torta del Casar.

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