“ECAMPUZ – European World Talent Camp for Uzbekistan Scientists in Food Science and Technology” International project of ERASMUS + Capacity Building of Higher Education program, co-funded by the European Union.

📣📣The second day of CAMP 2 program on the topic “FOOD SAFETY AND FOOD MICROBIOLOGY” is going on at the University of Extremadura (Caceres, Spain) right now.

📝📝Our participants were divided into the groups and given a challenge to work on. The groups started the practical lessons in the laboratory of the University of Extremadura.
They will have defense presentations of their challenge topic on the final day of their training.

During the lectures on the topic of “ADVANCE ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES FOR TOXIC COMPOUNDS” carried out by the Assoc.Professor Bekzod Khakimov (University of Copenhagen) there were formed 5 teams to brainstorm the followings:
– giving an example of food that contains one or more types of toxins mentioned during the lecture;
– what are their sources?
– how to avoid them?
– health effect?

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