“The online interview for train-the-trainer program” was held on 15-16th August 2023.

The representatives of EU partner organizations (University of Copenhagen and University of Extremadura) of “ECAMPUZ – European World Talent Camp for Uzbekistan Scientists in Food Science and Technology – ERASMUS-EDU-2022-CBHE” selected the first participants of “train-the-trainer program” after the two-day online interview with the candidates from Uzbek partner organizations of ECAMPUZ project. 7 future participants were chosen from 20 candidates after the interview.

Main target group of “train-the-trainer” program: researchers, young teachers and PhD students of “ECAMPUZ” project UZB partner organizations (including associated partners).

Duration of the “train-the-trainer program”: up to 3 months

Venue of the program: University of Copenhagen (Denmark), University of Extremadura (Spain)

Trainees will have the opportunity to take comprehensive training and gain valuable experience in partner EU HEIs. Participants from UZB will go through pre-defined training and work on a subject of their interest under the supervision of and in collaboration with EU partners.